With Every Day That Passes in 2022, Arizonans Are Feeling the Impact of Congress’ Failure to Pass the Build Back Better Act

The expiration of several crucial public investments on January 1, 2022, including the expanded child and earned income tax credits, means that Arizonans are already being hurt by the failure to pass the Build Back Better Act.

Here’s a rundown of how Arizonans are being impacted until Congress passes the Build Back Better Act:

Child Tax Credit + Earned Income Tax Credit 

  • 13% of Arizona children live in poverty, and over 1.38 million qualify for expanded Child Tax Credit payments.

  • The Build Back Better Act would extend the expanded Child Tax Credit of $300 per month per child under 6, or $250 per month per child ages 6 to 17.

  • Without the Build Back Better Act, eligible Arizona single parents and married parents will miss out on up to $4,700 or $3,800 a year, respectively, from expanded Child Tax Credits that they could use to pay bills and put food on the table.
  • Without the Build Back Better Act, 385,200 working Arizonans will miss out on up to $1,500 in tax cuts from the extension of the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit.

Child Care

  • Without Build Back Better, Arizona will lose the chance to create and support an estimated 21,240 new jobs over 10 years.

  • Without Build Back Better, Arizona married parents will miss out on average savings of up to $9,400 a year on child care costs.

  • The Build Back Better Act could provide child care access to about 430,000 low-income Arizona children, and ensure families pay no more than 7% of their income for high-quality child care.

Elder Care + Home & Community Based Services (HCBS)

Universal Pre-K

  • Only about 23% of Arizona 3- and 4-year-olds has access to publicly-funded preschool; preschool in Arizona costs about $8,600 per year for those who can’t access a publicly-funded program.

  • Without Build Back Better, Arizona would miss out on expanded access to free preschool for over 134,000 additional 3- and 4-year-olds, and improve the quality of preschool for those already enrolled.

  • The Build Back Better Act would raise wages for child care and pre-k workers, leading to an overall increase in wages of $5.7 million to these Arizona workers.

Clean Energy

Paid Leave

Child Hunger


Health Care

  • Without the Build Back Better Act, 158,000 Arizonans will remain without health coverage, resulting in a failure to close the Medicaid coverage gap.

  • Without the Build Back Better Act, an estimated 1.35 million Arizonans will remain without guaranteed or expanded Medicare coverage of hearing benefits.

  • The Build Back Better Act would also extend premium tax credits so that 107,000 Arizonans can continue to save hundreds of dollars a year on premium costs, a national average of $600.

Prescription Drugs