As President Biden meets with bipartisan lawmakers to discuss the American Jobs Plan, a majority of voters across the political spectrum are already throwing their support behind a once-in-a-generation infrastructure investment that would create millions of high-paying jobs and revitalize the economy.

Here’s what they’re saying:

  • Data For Progress/Invest in America: By a +52 point margin, 73% of voters, including 67% of Independents and 57% of Republicans, support the American Jobs Plan. [4/6/21]
  • Morning Consult/Politico: 3 in 5 voters support President Biden’s infrastructure plan, and 65% of voters support raising corporate taxes to fund infrastructure investments, ensuring businesses pay their fair share. [4/7/21]
  • Yahoo News/YouGov: A majority of Americans, by a +21 point margin, support going big on infrastructure and combating climate change through another major legislative package. [4/13/21]
  • Vox/Data For Progress: 73% of voters, including 72% of Independents and 55% of Republicans, support investing $400 billion in elder care through the American Jobs Plan. [4/15/21]
  • New York Times/SurveyMonkey: 64% of Americans, including 72% of Independents, approve of the American Jobs Plan. [04/2021]
  • NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist: 56% of Americans support President Biden’s $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan by a +22 point margin. [04/2021]
  • The Hill/HarrisX: 54% of voters say the federal government should prioritize investing in infrastructure, including 54% of Independents. [3/17/21]

Data For Progress: Voters Support The American Jobs Plan
Last week, President Joe Biden released the American Jobs Plan — a proposal to invest $2.25 trillion over the next eight years to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, promote clean energy, create good-paying jobs, strengthen American manufacturing, and bolster the care economy.
Among all likely voters, we find that the American Jobs Plan is backed by a 52-percentage-point margin (73 percent support, 21 percent oppose). Notably, support for this proposal is bipartisan, garnering an impressive 19-point margin of support from Republicans (57 percent say they support the plan, while 38 percent oppose). 

Morning Consult: More Than 3 in 5 Voters Support Corporate Tax Hike to Fund Biden’s Infrastructure Plan
Democrats are overwhelmingly in favor of raising taxes on corporations to fund the $2 trillion infrastructure plan, with 85 percent in favor of doing so and just 4 percent opposed.

Given the choice between improving America’s infrastructure via higher corporate taxes or only doing so without, 53 percent of voters backed the first option while 29 percent supported the second.

When proposed tax plans are not mentioned, 3 in 5 voters say they support Biden’s infrastructure plan.

Yahoo News/YouGov: Americans broadly support the details of President Biden’s infrastructure plan
President Joe Biden has unveiled a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, which is designed to create millions of new jobs focused on developing cleaner energy sources and better national transportation. The president’s proposal comes on the heels of his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, which received widespread support from the public.

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll finds that half of Americans support (51%) “another big legislative package to invest in America’s infrastructure and combat climate change”, while three in 10 Americans (30%) oppose it. Eight in 10 Democrats support another sweeping legislative package (80% favor vs 8% oppose), compared to half of Independents (48% vs 36%) and one in five Republicans (22% vs 58%).

Vox: Biden’s plan to invest $400 billion to make long-term care cheaper is really popular
A $400 billion investment into senior care and long-term caregiving in President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan may not fall into a traditional definition of “infrastructure,” but it’s one of the most popular provisions in the plan among Democratic and Republican voters alike, according to new polling from Vox and Data for Progress.

The new poll, which surveyed 1,217 likely voters about various provisions of Biden’s $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan and has a 3 percentage point margin of error, showed that Biden’s investment to improve and lower the cost of long-term care for seniors and those with disabilities has broad support — 73 percent of respondents strongly or somewhat backed the proposal.

The Washington Post: Why Democrats shouldn’t sweat GOP attacks on Biden’s jobs plan
A new poll for the New York Times by Survey Monkey finds the overall plan is backed by 64 percent of Americans. Importantly, large majorities support both the “real” and “fake” infrastructure provisions: 84 percent support funding for highways, roads and bridges, and 78 percent support funding for ports, waterways and airports (“real”), while 67 percent support funding for mass transit and 78 percent support it for nationwide high-speed broadband (“fake”).

U.S. News & World Report: A Majority of Americans Support Biden’s Infrastructure Plan
A strong majority of Americans support President Joe Biden’s proposed $2.25 trillion infrastructure and jobs plan – and nearly two-thirds like the idea of wealthier Americans picking up the tab through increased taxes, according to an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released Thursday.

Overall, 56% of Americans back the infrastructure plan, while 36% oppose it, the poll found. Support was highest among Democrats, (92% approve, 3% oppose). 
GOP lawmakers have sought to cast the president as reckless in his spending – as someone who campaigned as a practical Democrat but who actually is in the pocket of the progressive wing of the party.

But that message has not worked with the bulk of the American public. While there is a partisan divide when it comes to support for Biden’s infrastructure plan and how to pay for it, rank-and-file Republicans are not in lockstep against it: In fact, 18% support the plan, and another 19% of GOPers think it does not go far enough, according to the new poll.

The Hill: Poll: Majority of voters say an infrastructure package should be prioritized
A majority of voters in say an infrastructure bill should be prioritized by the federal government now instead of focusing on other issues first, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll.

Fifty-four percent of registered voters in the March 12-14 survey said infrastructure should currently be considered a priority.