Department of Education Makes a Historic Investment in Black Institutions, Thanks to the American Rescue Plan

In Case You Missed It – The Department of Education announced a historic $2.7 billion investment in Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs), releasing a state-by-state breakdown of funding for the institutions. These investments, among the largest ever the federal government has made in HBCUs, will enhance academic opportunities for Black students and foster academic excellence throughout the nation.

The American Rescue Plan requires that at least half of funds be directed toward providing direct financial support to students, making college more affordable for communities of color.

Read the full, state-by-state breakdown from the White House here.


  • Alabama: Over $334 million for 13 HBCUs

  • Arkansas: Nearly $61 million for 4 HBCUs

  • California: Over $13 million for 1 HBCU

  • Delaware: Nearly $36 million for 1 HBCU

  • District of Columbia: Over $88 million for 2 HBCUs

  • Florida: Over $156 million for 4 HBCUs

  • Georgia: Over $260 million for 8 HBCUs

  • Kentucky: Over $21 million for 2 HBCUs

  • Louisiana: Over $211 million for 6 HBCUs

  • Maryland: Over $153 million for 4 HBCUs

  • Mississippi: Over $237 million for 7 HBCUs

  • Missouri: Over $38 million for 2 HBCUs

  • North Carolina: Over $307 million for 10 HBCUs

  • Ohio: Over $34 million for 2 HBCUs

  • Oklahoma: Over $23 million for 1 HBCU

  • Pennsylvania: Over $25 million for 2 HBCUs

  • South Carolina: Nearly $112 million for 8 HBCUs

  • Tennessee: Over $133 million for 6 HBCUs

  • Texas: Nearly $304 million for 9 HBCUs

  • U.S. Virgin Islands: Over $12 million for 1 HBCU

  • Virginia: Over $141 million for 5 HBCUs

  • West Virginia: Over $28 million for 2 HBCUs

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