8 In 10 Small Business Owners Are In Favor Of The American Jobs Plan

87% Support Investments In Affordable Care For Aging People And People With Disabilities; 75% Support Investments In Affordable Childcare

A staggering majority of small business owners support the American Jobs Plan, according to a new national survey from Small Business for America’s Future.

Survey results include: 

  • 8 in 10 small business owners are in favor of the American Jobs Plan
  • 76% of small business owners think the American Jobs Plan will help boost the economy as a whole
  • 72% believe the American Jobs Plan will help small businesses specifically
  • 67% said they support increasing taxes on corporations to pay for the American Jobs Plan
  • A whopping 72% said the current tax code favors large corporations over small businesses
  • 75% said they believe large corporations do not pay their fair share of taxes 
  • 76% said small businesses are harmed when large businesses or corporations use loopholes to avoid paying taxes
  • 51% said they do not believe raising taxes on Americans making over $400,000 a year would harm small businesses.

The survey also shows that small business owners support infrastructure investment that goes beyond roads and bridges:

  • 87% of small business owners support investments in affordable care for aging people and people with disabilities
  • 76% support investments in living wages for care workers
  • 70% support paid family and medical leave
  • 75% support investments in affordable childcare
  • 74% support investing in more jobs for care workers

View the full survey report here.