Invest in America and Invest in America Action:
  • Invest in America released new polling with Data For Progress showing that 55% of voters support the American Jobs Plan over a plan similar to the Senate Republicans’ counter-proposal by a +26 point margin. Republicans’ counter-proposal guts 92% of the investments in the American Jobs Plan, stripping funding for America’s children, grandparents, manufacturing, and public transit, all while attaching poison pills that transfer the tax burden from corporations to the middle-class.
    • The poll also finds that:
      • Voters overwhelmingly support a $2.25 trillion infrastructure investment regardless of whether it is funded by raising corporate taxes and/or deficit spending. 
      • A bipartisan majority of voters are opposed to the poison pills the GOP are trying to use to kill the spending bill, including a gas tax and user-fees. 
    • Yesterday, President Biden said that an infrastructure package the size of the $568 billion GOP counter-proposal is a “no-go,” reports Reuters’ Andrea Shalal: 
      • “‘If like last time they come in with one-fourth or one-fifth of what I’m asking and say that’s our final offer … then no, no go,’ he said.”
  • Invest in America hosted a press call featuring leading advocates and experts who lauded the major implications the newly unveiled American Families Plan would have on boosting economic growth and significantly reducing poverty in the United States.
    • The call featured Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, National Domestic Workers Alliance Executive Director Ai-jen Poo, National Women’s Law Center President Fatima Goss Graves, and Center for Economic Policy and Research Senior Economist Dean Baker. 
  • Released new digital ads, “Brought To You By,” highlighting the direct, tangible impact that the American Rescue Plan’s $1,400 checks, funding for vaccine distribution, and aid for essential workers and state and local governments are having on the lives of Americans across the country.
  • Invest in America celebrated 100 days of public investment which — thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress — has generated enormous economic growth and put the United States on a fast track to recovery.
  • Invest in America Action called out Republicans on their flip-flopping stances when it comes to investing in care infrastructure:
    • GOP lawmakers used to advocate expanding access to high-quality child care until President Biden offered them an opportunity to turn their rhetoric into action with the American Families Plan. Read Invest in America Action’s fact sheet here
    • Investing in elder care has been a part of the Republican Party Platform for over a decade. However, in response to President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, Republicans are now calling to cut the $400 billion in funding for home and community-based care for elders and those with disabilities from the package — a provision that is incredibly popular with voters in both parties. Read Invest in America Action’s statement here
  • Invest in America uplifted an op-ed penned by former Senior Advisor to President Obama Valerie Jarrett highlighting the urgent need for the investments in caregiving in President Biden’s proposed American Families Plan.
Politico: Exclusive: Read Anita Dunn’s memo to Democrats
The Biden White House has a message for congressional Democrats and allies: eating the rich is popular — so act like it.

In a memo exclusively obtained by Transition Playbook that is set to be sent to fellow Democrats this evening, senior adviser ANITA DUNN argues that “we need to restore basic fairness to the tax code, and in the process generate revenues to invest in our competitiveness, children, and economy. And, the American people agree.”
The Biden team also looks poised to keep its tax plans focused on the ultra-wealthy. Dunn argued that Americans are against hiking the gas tax to pay for infrastructure, citing a recent poll conducted by Data for Progress and Invest in America that found 59 percent of voters (including 68 percent of Republicans) “oppose gas taxes to fund increased investment.” (The gas tax, of course, affects millions of Americans making less than $400,000 a year, whom Biden has pledged not to raise taxes on.)

Yahoo Finance: Free community college would polish ‘an unrecognized diamond’ but be ‘complicated to put in place’
The White House unveiled a new $1.8 trillion spending and tax plan that includes a sizable investment in education led by “two years of free community college to all Americans.”

“Community colleges have long been a little bit of an unrecognized diamond along the education continuum,” former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in a call hosted by Invest in America ahead of the Joint Session of Congress where the president will present the plan on Wednesday night. “And whether it’s 18-year-olds or 38-year-olds or 58-year-olds going back to retrain and retool, our community colleges aren’t just places of learning, they are literally when they’re at their best … economic engines for their communities and for the regions.”

The American Independent: GOP senator: Our jobs plan is just like Biden’s except we took everything out
Unlike the GOP plan, Biden’s includes provisions focusing on care giving infrastructure, like “creating jobs and raising wages and benefits for essential home care workers,” upgrading and expanding child care facilities, and expanding access to long-term care services under Medicaid. It would also invest in clean energy, energy efficiency in homes and businesses, and the cleanup of abandoned oil and gas wells.
But polls show that most Americans want Biden’s more expansive plan.
An early April poll conducted by Data for Progress and Invest in America showed 74% of likely voters support the America Jobs Plan’s investment in the “care economy” and 64% support its “clean energy” investments.

Business Insider: Biden wants to spend $225 billion in his new plan to give you guaranteed sick and family time off work
In a measure that has been pushed for by Democratic lawmakers and organizations, President Joe Biden’s $1.8 trillion plan being unveiled on Wednesday includes funding to create a national paid family and medical leave program.
Insider reported last week that 17 state treasurers were calling on Congress to pass paid family and medical leave, which followed 55 progressive groups urging Biden to invest in the same measure earlier this month [organized by Invest in America]. 

The Suburban Times: Kilmer Joins Senator Van Hollen, Rep. Levin in Introducing Bicameral Legislation to Tackle Long-Term Unemployment Crisis
The legislation is supported by a wide array of organizations and advocacy groups, including Service Employees International Union (SEIU), National Skills Coalition, Heartland Alliance, National Association of Workforce Boards, National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, United States Workforce Association, Community Advocates Public Policy Institute, Center for Employment Opportunities, REDF, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), Democracy Collaborative, National Urban League, America Forward, Invest In America Action, Midwest Urban Strategies, United Way of Central Maryland, and Maryland Workforce Association.
“After a devastating year that has left millions without a job, we have a historic opportunity to invest in American workers, and create a stronger, more inclusive economy than we had before the pandemic,” said Zac Petkanas, senior advisor to Invest in America Action. “Ensuring that everyone willing to work can have access to a good-paying job is an important step toward sustainable, equitable economic growth and prosperity. We applaud Senator Van Hollen for his strong leadership tackling the jobs crisis and deep commitment to getting Americans back to work!”