Invest in America and Invest in America Action:
  • Invest in America Action released a sign-on letter organized alongside Real Recovery Now! and the CareCantWait coalition laying out how Republicans’ unreasonable demands — including protecting corporate tax breaks — leave Congress and the Biden administration no choice but to pass the American Jobs and Families Plans through reconciliation.
  • Invest in America Action held a national press call featuring Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Representative Don Beyer (D-VA-08), and AFL-CIO Chief Economist Dr. William Spriggs. The speakers responded to Republicans’ unreasonable demands that cut job creating investments and raise taxes on the middle-class, pushing lawmakers to move quickly to pass the American Jobs Plan.
    • Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM): “If we keep waiting for Republicans to come to the table, we could be left waiting for a train that never arrives. If we want to get these projects off the ground, we can’t afford to waste any more time.” 
    • Representative Don Beyer (D-VA-08): If we can’t get an infrastructure deal through, it’ll be because Republicans are unwilling to come to the table.”
    • Dr. William Spriggs: “We need to stop with the notion that the richest nation in the world can’t afford clean water or broadband access or child care.”
  • Invest in America Action West Virginia hosted a virtual press conference with former Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kessler, former State Treasurer John Perdue, and Delegate John Williams to discuss how West Virginians stand to gain from the crucial investments in the American Jobs Plan, and to show how any counter-proposal that protects tax breaks for corporations, guts funding for West Virginia essential workers, raises taxes on middle-class families by imposing a gas tax, and leaves job-creating investments on the table would harm families across the state.
  • Invest in America Action Arizona hosted a roundtable press conference with Tempe Councilmember Lauren Kuby and small business owners to discuss the need to pass the American Jobs and Families Plans and how Republican counter-proposals would hurt small businesses and working families in Arizona.
  • Invest in America uplifted economic and business experts who agree that slight upticks in consumer prices are both predicted and transitory.
  • Invest in America Action pushed back on Senate Republican obstructionists who are running the clock on negotiations and feigning interest in bipartisanship, despite the fact that key Republican leaders are already throwing cold water on the chances of any bipartisan infrastructure deal getting ten Republican votes in the Senate.
  • Invest in America Action called out Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), who caused the collapse of initial Republican negotiations on the American Jobs Plan after refusing to reconsider her party’s unreasonable demands to shift the costs onto working families, protect corporations that ship U.S. jobs overseas, and leave millions of jobs on the table.
Axios: First look: 90 groups urge Biden to pass infrastructure through reconciliation
Some 90 advocacy groups want President Biden and Democratic leaders to abandon bipartisan infrastructure negotiations and instead use the partisan reconciliation process to enact a more progressive package, Axios has learned.
Zac Petkanas, senior adviser to Invest in America Action, said: “Any additional time wasted trying to bridge that unbridgeable gap is just delaying millions of good-paying jobs for American families.”

Business Insider: 89 progressive organizations urge Democrats to ditch the GOP on infrastructure
President Joe Biden ended a weeks-long infrastructure negotiation with a group of Republican senators on Tuesday because their offer was too small. But Biden is still talking to some Republican lawmakers about another version of a bipartisan deal.
Led by Invest in America Action, Care Can’t Wait, and Real Recovery Now, 89 progressive advocacy groups wrote a letter to Congress and the Biden administration urging them to use reconciliation to pass an infrastructure bill, meaning passing a bill without any Republican votes. They wrote that Republicans have failed to deliver a serious counter-offer “that meets the urgency of the moment,” like addressing the climate crisis, and “there is simply too much at stake to allow these bad faith actors to have the final word.”

Yahoo News: 90 groups press Biden to skip bipartisanship, go progressive with infrastructure bill
The signatories range from progressive organizations like the Center for American Progress and Sunrise Movement to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the U.S. High Speed Rail Association.

“Working families can’t wait any longer for real investment to create good union jobs, especially in fast-growing fields like caregiving,” said Mary Kay Henry, president of SEIU, which represents roughly 2 million labor workers. “True leaders need to seize the moment and take action now.”

Yahoo News: 89 progressive organizations urge Democrats to ditch the GOP on infrastructure
“President Biden’s long efforts to find a bipartisan solution on infrastructure are admirable, but by continuing to double down on their unreasonable demands, Republicans have proven they have no interest in a serious negotiation,” the letter said. “They’ve shown that their only interest is delay and sabotage as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell articulated when he said that 100% of their focus was on stopping the Biden agenda.”

The letter, also signed by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the League of Conservation Voters, wrote that the GOP proposal’s failure to support raising taxes on corporations would shift the burden onto middle-class families.

The Weirton Daily Times: Capito laments end of infrastructure talks with Biden, Democrats support Biden’s package
In a press call put together Thursday morning by Invest in America Action, former Democratic Party leaders, state lawmakers, union representatives, and activists expressed their support for the current version of the American Jobs Plan while decrying what they see as Republican attempts to stonewall.

“I hope that folks will recognize and realize that universally across the country and particularly in our state, everyone — Democrat, Republican independent, Mountain Party — agrees that our infrastructure is inadequate,” Kessler continued. “It needs to be fixed, and here’s a golden opportunity to do it and access federal dollars and get it done now without adding the burden of that to taxes that come out of their own paychecks or out of their own wallets when it’s time to pay the piper.”

WDTV: State and local officials weigh in on President Biden’s infrastructure plan
The key difference between the two parties is the amount being used for the plan and what should be defined as infrastructure.
“The issues that are being said to be outside of the bounds of infrastructure simply because they might not be infrastructure doesn’t make them any less important or any less necessary that we tackle these issues,” said Delegate Williams.

The Parkersburg News and Sentinel: Capito laments end of infrastructure talks with Biden
“Lawmakers have to reject another protracted negotiation that drags on for months while millions of Americans remain jobless, our infrastructure crumbles, and our children drink water from lead pipes in their schools,” said Ryan Frankenberry, state director of the West Virginia Working Families Party.

The current version of the Biden American Jobs Plan includes traditional infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, drinking water, broadband, public transportation, etc.) as well as “human infrastructure,” such as funding for home healthcare. The American Jobs Plan would be paid for in part by increasing taxes on people making more than $400,000 per year and rolling back corporate tax rates.