Invest in America and Invest in America Action:
  • Invest in America Action hosted a press call featuring bipartisan elected officials, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, and a child care provider who pushed back on some Senators’ calls to raid state and local American Rescue Plan relief money to fund infrastructure investments. Doing so would take money away from essential workers like firefighters, EMTs, teachers, and state and local governments who are counting on relief funds to recover from a devastating year.
    • American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten: “Why would we take from funds that people are already relying on across the country so that billionaires can continue to pay fewer taxes than teachers?”
    • Democratic State Treasurer of Nevada Zach Conine: “Governments can’t use the same dollar on infrastructure that they’re using for Covid relief.”
    • Republican Commissioner of Mercer County, West Virginia Greg Puckett: “This isn’t a matter of Covid-19 recovery or infrastructure. This is a matter of Covid-19 recovery and infrastructure.”
    • Little Blossoms Child Care Owner Miren Algorri: “The American Rescue Plan’s aid to states means that essential services that are the backbone of our communities will continue and won’t face harmful cuts.”
  • Invest in America released two polls with Data For Progress:
    • new poll found that voters would prefer to pass a partisan infrastructure deal funded by increasing the corporate tax rate over a bipartisan infrastructure deal funded by raiding American Rescue Plan relief funding. The poll also found that the Senate Gang of Ten’s proposal to pay for infrastructure by shifting tax burdens away from corporations and onto the middle class through a gas tax and user-fees like tolls is highly unpopular.

  • new poll found that a majority of voters support passing the American Jobs and Families Plans together through reconciliation. The poll also found that voters blame Republicans in Congress for the lack of an infrastructure deal to date and for the lack of bipartisanship in Washington.

  • Invest in America uplifted economic experts who agree that the current rise in inflation rates is transitory and urge lawmakers to focus on investing in the nation’s future.
  • Invest in America Action highlighted elected officials and non-profit leaders calling on Congress to reject any infrastructure proposal that would raid American Rescue Plan funding intended for state and local governments to keep essential workers on the job.


The Hill: Biden fails to break GOP ‘fever’
When he was campaigning for President, Joe Biden constantly talked up his relationships on Capitol Hill and even angered members of his own party when he spoke about his ability to work with Republicans. 
“I think the Republicans have never been serious and you only need to look at their words to know that’s true,” said Zac Petkanas, a Democratic strategist and senior adviser to Invest in America, a group advocating for a robust infrastructure package.

Public News Service: WV Groups: Corporate Taxes Should Fund American Jobs, Families Plan
Former West Virginia Lt. Gov. Jeff Kessler and the Huntington-based Service Employees International Union Local 1199 are among those voicing support for passage of President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan, even as negotiations over the package stall in Washington.

Biden’s initial $2.3 trillion proposal has come down to $1.7 trillion.

Ryan Frankenberry, state director of the West Virginia Working Families Party, said counterproposals that prioritize tax breaks for corporations or raise taxes on the middle class would harm communities.

“There are ways to pay for this including getting rid of the tax breaks and making sure that rich people pay their share,” he said. “We also think that it’s important that we don’t gut funding for our essential workers.”