Invest in America and Invest in America Action:
  • Invest in America pushed back on inflation fear-mongering in a press call featuring the Roosevelt Institute’s Mike Konczal, Economic Policy Institute’s Josh Bivens, and Groundwork Collaborative’s Rakeen Mabud, responding to the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s testimony in front of Congress this week. The economists made the case that the slight uptick in inflation is the transitory result of an economy opening back up from the pandemic, and pushed back on those in Congress trying to use the CPI report as an excuse not to make much-needed investments in infrastructure, caregiving, clean energy, and more.

  • Josh Bivens, Economic Policy Institute: “Should proposed investment plans from the Biden administration be put back on the shelf because of the recent uptick in inflation? No.”

  • Mike Konczal, Roosevelt Institute: “We know what investments we need to make — we needed to make these investments in care and climate even if there had been no pandemic. Now is the time to make them.”

  • Rakeen Mabud, Groundwork Collaborative: “What we lose in succumbing to fear-mongering about inflation is the wellbeing of millions around the country.”

Invest in America Action hosted a press conference in West Virginia calling on Congress to support the Build Back Better agenda’s investments in caregiving, featuring Kathleen Stoll of West Virginians for Affordable Health Care, Sherri McKinney of SEIU199, Sammi Brown of Paid Leave Works for West Virginia, and Lynette Maselli of Invest in America Action West Virginia. The call highlighted how these critical investments would be paid for by ensuring that corporations that ship jobs overseas pay their fair share. View a recording here.

  • Kathleen Stoll, West Virginians for Affordable Health Care: “Yes, you need good roads. But before you can even get on the road to work you need to know that you have safe and affordable childcare for your preschooler.”

  • Sherri McKinney, SEIU199: “It’s not an option for this not to pass if we want West Virginia to survive. If we want to build the roads and to build the bridges. If we want to do all of the traditional infrastructure work, care, child care, and all of the things we’ve been talking about, the [bipartisan infrastructure plan and the reconciliation package] must be passed.”

  • Sammi Brown, Paid Leave Works for West Virginia: “Having a robust investment in people, in human capital, will only make all of the other components of economic drivers that much better. You cannot have a business without people. You can not have an economy without consumers. Nothing can be sustained without a healthy, thriving community.”

  • Invest in America marked the disbursement of the first Child Tax Credit payments by uplifting the positive impact the investment will have on the quality of life and future prospects of millions of American children.
  • Invest in America highlighted the country’s recent economic gains — the result of the public investment in the American Rescue Plan which has spurred a new pandemic low in jobless claims, caused an increase in real GDP, created millions of jobs, and increased personal income.
  • Invest in America uplifted economists and business experts who agree that slight upticks in consumer prices are transitory and not a long-term concern.

WDTV: Local officials weigh in on infrastructure after new deal

President Biden is moving forward in his plan after reaching a the multi-trillion-dollar deal for an infrastructure bill amongst the Democratic party.


“Of course we need to invest in our roads and bridges, which the bipartisan framework focuses on, but we need much more than that,” says Lynette Maselli with Invest in America Action West Virginia.


Sammi Brown with Paid Leave for West Virginia says, “having a robust investment in people, and we’re talking about human capital here, will only make all of the other components of economic drivers that much better.”

Tucson Weekly: New Survey Shows AZ Voters Support Biden Administration’s Infrastructure Proposals

Arizona voters support the Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan, according to a new survey released this week.


Specific elements of the two proposals enjoyed even higher support, such as improvements to roads and bridges (86% support), expanding job training programs so high-school graduates can enter the workforce without needing a college degree (83%), replacing aging lead pipes (81%), improving high-speed internet in rural communities (80%), expanding free childcare (65%) and expanding the use of clean energy (65%).


Half of those surveyed said they’d rather see Democrats pass the proposal with higher taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans with only Democratic support, while just 24% said they’d rather see Congress pass a bipartisan plan that included higher user fees for low-income and middle-class Americans.