Invest in America and Invest in America Action:
  • Invest in America Action launched a six-figure digital ad campaign, emphasizing the need to pass the budget resolution and subsequent reconciliation package that make up the Build Back Better Agenda to ensure that not a single job is left behind on the road to rebuilding and modernizing the nation’s economy for middle class Americans.

    The first ad in the campaign urges Congress to support critical investments in clean energy, the care economy, and public infrastructure in the Build Back Better agenda that would create millions of good-paying jobs — and to resist efforts to cut any of these investments and leave good jobs on the table.

    The ad also urges Congress to ensure these investments are paid for by making those earning over $400,000 and big corporations pay their fair share — not one penny from working and middle-class families.

  • Invest in America uplifted a report from Moody’s chief economist Mark Zandi, which explicitly stated that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and the investments in the Build Back Better agenda will create robust, long-term growth and minimize inflation pressure on the U.S. economy.

    • Invest in America Action called out Senate Republicans for refusing to advance the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and obstructing the desperately-needed investments in physical infrastructure, water infrastructure, broadband, and the electric grid that the legislation would deliver for Americans.
    • Invest in America highlighted the weekly unemployment report, noting that the uptick in Americans filing for unemployment demonstrates the urgent need for job-creating investments in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and the Build Back Better agenda.


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    The folks at Invest in America Action are launching a six-figure digital ad buy today, urging Congress to stick with the $3.5 trillion budget deal and to not make cuts.

    The ad, called “Leave No Jobs Behind,” focuses on the job creation potential in the caregiving and clean energy sectors, especially in lynchpin states including West Virginia, Arizona, and New Hampshire, whose moderate senators are key to the success of the reconciliation effort.

    The investments in President Biden’s full Build Back Better agenda will create millions of jobs and boost overall productivity: 

    • According to the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, a $1.5 trillion investment in hard infrastructure would create more than 10 million jobs: 

      • 3.4 million jobs in the Southeast

      • 3.2 million jobs in the Pacific Coastal region

      • 2.8 million jobs in the Midwest

      • 2.4 million jobs in the Mid-Atlantic

      • 1.9 million jobs in the Southwest

      • 713,000 jobs in New England

    The Build Back Better agenda would create jobs all across the country, including: 

    • 332,630+ jobs in Arizona

    • 62,000+ jobs in New Hampshire

    • 81,900+ jobs in West Virginia

    • 390,000+ jobs in Virginia

    • See the full list here.