Invest in America and Invest in America Action:
  • Invest in America Action hosted a press conference in Arizona urging Congress to support the Build Back Better agenda’s critical investments in affordable housing for working families, featuring Tempe Mayor Corey Woods, Arizona Housing Coalition Executive Director Joan Serviss, and Gorman & Company President and CEO Brian Swanton. The speakers discussed Arizona’s 136,000-unit affordable housing shortage and how the Build Back Better agenda’s $40 billion investment in affordable housing will lower housing costs for low-income renters. View a recording here.

    • Tempe Mayor Corey Woods: We urge our Congressional delegation to support [The Build Back Better agenda]. It contains $40 billion worth of investments to rehabilitate existing affordable housing and to promote new affordable housing. It’s critically important that those investments are protected because we have so many people right now who are in desperate need of support when it comes to housing — especially when it comes to the eviction moratorium ending.

    • Joan Serviss, Arizona Housing Coalition: We are in an affordable housing crisis… The [Build Back Better agenda] will make a significant investment in affordable housing creation and preservation. It’s really something we need as over 10,000 Arizonans don’t have a safe place to call home. But if we get more affordable housing units built and preserved, we can make sure that all Arizonans have a safe place to call home.

    • Brian Swanton, Gorman & Company: The federal housing tax credit is a powerful tool and it works… The Build Back Better agenda includes the most comprehensive and desperately needed investment in affordable housing since 1986… It includes a long-overdue expansion of the low-income housing tax credit but also a significant expansion of housing choice vouchers which provide much-needed rental assistance to extremely low-income households.
  • Invest in America released a fact sheet detailing the investments that the Build Back Better agenda would make to improve veterans health services for Post-9/11 vets, including enhancing VA infrastructure and building new state-of-the-art facilities to replace neglected VA campuses. The fact sheet was released a day before the harrowing and solemn 20th anniversary of the attacks on the United States and highlights the need to properly take care of American veterans.

  • Invest in America distributed a fact check report debunking false claims that President Biden’s plan to lower prescription drug costs for Americans will divert investment from research and development using evidence that pharmaceutical companies have used their astronomical profits to increase shareholder value, give huge sums to executives, and pad the pockets of the wealthy.

  • Invest in America disseminated a fact check report detailing why ensuring that corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share by closing tax loopholes won’t stifle job growth, as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has falsely claimed. In fact, the opposite is true — the fact check report notes that slashing the corporate tax rate in 2017 primarily benefited well-off shareholders, not the broader economy or working class Americans.

  • Invest in America highlighted data from the weekly unemployment report, noting that while U.S. jobless claims fell by 35,000 to a new pandemic low, largely thanks to the American Recovery Plan, more public investment is needed to lower costs for middle-class Americans, create millions of good-paying jobs, and bring the American economy to full strength.

  • Invest in America Action called out Republicans for their hypocritical opposition to raising the debt ceiling — despite voting to do so 10 times in the last 20 years — and noted the catastrophic effects that failing to raise the debt ceiling would have on American families and small businesses.