• Invest in America released a poll with Data for Progress, which demonstrates that a broad majority of voters, including a plurality of Republicans, support all major pay-fors in the Build Back Better tax plan. Additionally, every single major provision of the Build Back Better agenda enjoys broad, bipartisan support from voters. Key findings include:
    • 68% of voters, including 52% of Republicans, 83% of Democrats, and 65% of Independents, support raising taxes on the wealthiest 1% of business owners by limiting what expenses they can deduct from their taxes.

    • 64% of voters, including 51% of Republicans, 80% of Democrats, and 58% of Independents, support raising income taxes on Americans that make more than $400,000.

  • Invest in America Action launched a new ad campaign, “Saying Yes,” emphasizing that middle-class Americans understand that the politicians obstructing the Build Back Better agenda are killing jobs, keeping prices high, and raising taxes for middle-class families. The campaign features digital ads, static ads, and digital out-of-home ads, displayed on digital billboards throughout DC, including at bus shelters and train stations.

  • Invest in America Action hosted a press conference with small business leaders calling on Congress to support the Ways and Means committee’s draft tax plan, featuring Main Street Alliance Co-Executive Director Stephen Michael, Small Business for America’s Future Co-Chair Anne Zimmerman, and Small Business Majority Founder and CEO John Arensmeyer. The speakers discussed how tax fairness and economic equality are key to a strong small businesses economy and how the draft tax plan would correct inequities in a tax system that has for far too long benefited big corporations at the expense of small businesses. Listen to a recording here.

    • Stephen Michael, Main Street Alliance: This is a pro-business tax agenda. It recognizes that fair taxation and economic equality are bottom lines for a strong small business economy.

    • Anne Zimmerman, Small Business for America’s Future: The proposed tax plan from the House Ways and Means Committee is an important step towards building a more equitable tax code, leveling the playing field for small businesses, and would be a boost for Main Street communities.

    • John Arensmeyer, Small Business Majority: Now is exactly when we need to be investing in small business owners who are creating jobs in underrepresented communities and across the country, whether it comes to health care affordability, paid family medical leave, child care, or expanding access to capital.
  • Invest in America Action hosted a press conference in Arizona urging Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema to support the Build Back Better agenda’s critical investments and cut costs for middle-class Arizonans, featuring State Representative Jen Longdon, former Executive Director of Ability 360 Phil Pangrazio, and Executive Director of the Human Services Campus in Phoenix Amy Schwabenlender. The speakers discussed the agenda’s cost-cutting measures, including critical investments in affordable healthcare, child care, and home and community-based services. View a recording here.

  • Invest in America Action hosted a press conference in West Virginia urging Senator Joe Manchin to support the critical investments in the Build Back Better agenda, featuring SEIU 1199 Organizing Director Sherri McKinney and West Virginia Working Families Party Executive Director Ryan Frankenberry. The speakers discussed how the plan would create more than 4,500 jobs and generate over $622.6 million of new economic activity with the historic investments in child care, paid family leave, and home and community-based services for the elderly and people with disabilities. View a recording here.

  • Invest in America Action released a statement praising the draft tax plan proposed by the House Ways and Means Committee, which will level the playing field for small businesses, reward work instead of wealth, and fund the Build Back Better agenda’s job-creating, cost-cutting investments.

  • Invest in America released a new digital ad, “Greatest Hits,” featuring a parody of the legendary CD infomercial series with Now That’s What I Call Public Investment: The Build Back Better edition! The ad highlights the benefits of BBB, including millions of good-paying jobs, lower taxes for working families, and lower costs for the middle class.

  • Invest in America Action called out Republicans for putting American families at risk with their hypocritical opposition to raising or suspending the debt ceiling — despite voting to do so 10 times in the last 20 years — and noted the catastrophic effects that failing to raise the debt ceiling would have on American families and small businesses.

  • Invest in America highlighted data from the weekly unemployment report, noting that while jobless claims have trended downward since the passage of the American Rescue Plan, Americans are still eagerly awaiting the passage of both the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and the Build Back Better agenda to create millions of jobs and further strengthen the economy.

  • Invest in America amplified economists, experts, and news reporters who commented on the Consumer Price Index report, explaining that increasingly lower month-by-month increases in the data indicate that fear-mongers were wrong and that inflation likely peaked.


American Independent: GOP voters back Biden plan’s higher taxes for the rich, polling says

Republicans in Congress have unanimously opposed President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion investment plan and his proposal to pay for it by increasing taxes on the very wealthy and on corporations. But while Republican lawmakers have denounced the tax increases as “crippling,” a new poll shows that GOP voters back them.

A survey conducted Sept. 10-13 by left-wing think tank and pollster Data for Progress and Invest in America, an organization that campaigns for public investment in infrastructure, and shared Friday with the American Independent Foundation found that 62% of likely voters support Biden’s proposed Build Back Better package and 30% oppose it.

[…] If enacted, the Build Back Better plan would also invest billions of dollars in clean energy and climate change infrastructure, health care, child care, paid leave, and free preschool and community college.

Invest in America senior advisor Zac Petkanas said the survey shows “just how badly congressional Republicans are out of touch with their own supporters, who agree that the wealthy and corporations should be paying more in taxes.”

“This is yet more evidence that lawmakers should spend less time listening to corporate lobbyists and more time listening to their constituents,” he added.


Invest in America Action is launching a five-figure ad campaign today, urging Democrats to hold their ground on the reconciliation package and not “obstruct the Build Back Better agenda.” It focuses on prescription drug costs, jobs, middle class taxes and costs for families. The buy includes digital ads and digital billboards in train stations and bus shelters that will play this: