• Invest in America Action launched a new digital ad, “Going Strong,” which highlights the success of the American Rescue Plan’s support for small businesses, as well as the critical aid it rushed to more than 6 million small businesses, saving millions of livelihoods. The digital ad also notes that the ARP is a timely example that public investment in action works – and can lead to a booming economy. Watch the digital ad here.

  • Invest in America Action disseminated a research report detailing how the American Rescue Plan helped small businesses through the pandemic nationwide, with data highlighting the importance of small businesses in America, direct aid provided to businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues, and the staggering increase in Americans creating their own small businesses in 2021. Read the report here.

  • Invest in America Action released a statement in response to President Biden’s remarks in Ohio about his administration’s $1 billion investment to clean up and restore the Great Lakes. The statement highlighted that the Great Lakes restoration and other projects in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are creating millions of good-paying jobs and boosting the economy, and emphasized that the success of public investments revitalizing America means that Congress needs to pass more investments in middle-class American workers and families.

  • Invest in America Action released a statement highlighting data from the weekly unemployment report, which lowered the four-week average for unemployment claims by 10,500. The statement emphasized that while jobless claims recently reached historic lows thanks to the Biden agenda, this week’s report demonstrates the need for Congress to pass the critical investments from President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda to build on the past year’s progress and support American workers and families by lowering key costs.

  • Invest in America distributed a “Beyond the Beltway” newsletter, a weekly highlight roundup of public investment projects being covered by local news and having a tangible impact on Americans and their communities. This week’s newsletter highlighted projects funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the American Rescue Plan in Pennsylvania, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Missouri, which will clean up abandoned mines, upgrade drainage systems, improve education, and more.