• Invest in America and Main Street Alliance hosted a press call with New Jersey elected officials and small business ownersfeaturing Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ), small business owner Rashad Davis, and Main Street Alliance’s Didier Trinh. The speakers emphasized that the American Rescue Plan prioritized Main Street and local businesses, and made calls to continue supporting small businesses across the country.

    • Following the press call, Invest in America released a report highlighting how the American Rescue Plan helped New Jersey small businesses through the pandemic with programs including the Paycheck Protection Program, Restaurant Revitalization Fund, and Shuttered Venue Operators Grants. You can read the report here.

  • Invest in America Action released a statement following President Biden’s State of the Union address, highlighting his strong economic record of 6.6 million jobs created and the lowest unemployment in 52 years. We applauded his call to Congress to move on dozens of commonsense priorities that would invest in America’s middle class and lower costs for families. In the words of the President, it’s time to “Invest in America.”

  • Invest in America Action released a statement in response to the February jobs report, which showed employers adding an expectation-exceeding 678,000 workers. The statement emphasized that this surge is due, in large part, to the American Rescue Plan. The statement also called on Congress to pass the President’s agenda to lower costs for middle class families by investing in clean energy infrastructure, cutting prescription drug prices, making child care more affordable, and more.

  • Invest in America Action highlighted data from ADP’s monthly jobs report in a statement, noting that the jobs data beat expectations and built on the strongest 12-month period of job creation in U.S. history under President Biden. January’s job numbers were also revised upward from a loss of 301,000 jobs to a gain of 509,000.

  • Invest in America Action released a statement highlighting data from the weekly unemployment report, where the four-week average for claims was at its lowest point since April 1970. The statement emphasized that while the jobless claims data reflect the historic economic recovery, Congress must build on the recovery’s momentum by passing cost-lowering investments in clean energy, child care, home care, education, and more.

  • Invest in America released its “Beyond the Beltway” newsletter, a weekly roundup of public investment projects in action. This week’s newsletter highlighted projects funded by the American Rescue Plan in Georgia, Nevada, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Iowa, which will expand rural broadband, increase access to affordable housing, improve infrastructure and transit options, and more.

INVEST IN AMERICA COVERAGE N.J. congressman helps lead bipartisan effort to punish Russia by cutting off oil imports to U.S.

Congressional Republicans separately have called for ending Russian oil imports, but Rep. Tom Malinowski, who said he supports the ban, questioned whether those demands were good-faith efforts to punish Moscow or rather offered in the hope that it sends gas prices even higher so they can blame the increase on Biden.

“There are some people who are very sincere in urging us to do this because it’s a way of denying Putin more money for its war chest,” Malinowski, D-7th Dist., said Thursday on a Zoom conference call highlighting the support for small businesses in Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus law.

“But I think there is also a partisan element to it in the sense that there are there are folks belonging to the other party who would like to push President Biden to put in place an oil embargo and then to blame President Biden for the inevitable increase in gas prices that Americans will face at the pump.”

New Jersey Globe: Booker, Malinowski back shut down of Lukoil gas stations in N.J. as part of sanctions against Russia

Economic sanctions against Russia for their invasion of Ukraine is already impacting small businesses in New Jersey, with the Newark City Council voting on Tuesday to suspend the business licenses of Lukoil gas stations in the state’s largest city.

But U.S. Senator Cory Booker and Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes) said that employees of the Lukoil gas stations in Newark and in more than 100 other locations across the state will be able to find new jobs.

“This is the good news,” Booker said.  “The demand for workers right now is really, really high.  People are desperate to hire folks.”

[…] The two New Jersey lawmakers said the bigger issue involves massive profits by big oil companies at the expense of small businesses who are paying higher energy costs.

“They are taking advantage of us, and it’s because we don’t have a fair and free market.  We don’t have competition,” Booker said.  “We’ve allowed them to consolidate and become so powerful in anybody in their DC who sees their lobbyists lineup, where they spend hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying us.  You understand the kind of power that they have within the American context.”

[…] Booker and Malinowski made their comments at a roundtable sponsored by Invest in America Now to discuss the impact of small businesses in New Jersey by the American Rescue Plan.

According to Invest in America Now, more than 49% of all New Jersey workers statewide are employed by small businesses, and that more than 163,000 new business applications were filed in New Jersey.

Booker applauded the legislation as a way to “get a lot of resources back into our state, to our small businesses, to our restaurants, to our venues.”

“Small businesses drive not only our nation’s economy, but again, that deep character in heritage of America,” Booker said. “Mom and pop shops then lie or main streets in every small town, in city, throughout New Jersey, family run restaurants, the offices that are tucked away in the corner building, they’re doing incredible work.”