• Invest in America hosted a press call to discuss Wednesday’s CPI numbers and a report about the need to lower energy costs through investments in clean energy, released by the Roosevelt Institute in light of the newly-released Consumer Price Index (CPI) report. The call featured the Roosevelt Institute’s Lauren Melodia, Climate Power’s Noreen Nielsen, and Data for Progress’ Lew Blank, with the speakers emphasizing the need to make energy prices more stable through clean energy investments, which will lower energy costs for workers and families, create jobs, and benefit the economy. Listen to a recording here.

  • Invest in America Action launched a new digital ad, “Get it Done,” urging Congress to work together to pass President Biden’s agenda, which enjoys overwhelming popularity and could lower energy, prescription drug, health care, and child care costs for working Americans. Watch the digital ad here.

  • Invest in America distributed a report highlighting the impressive job growth seen thanks to President Biden’s agenda, including huge gains from the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The report noted significant top-line figures while also putting a spotlight on local projects that are creating jobs and having an impact in communities across the country.

  • Invest in America Action released a statement in response to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report released Wednesday, highlighting the urgent need to lower costs for American workers and families and noting that the best way to lower costs and deliver relief for American families is to pass President Biden’s full agenda.

  • Invest in America disseminated a roundup of statements from economists about the recent CPI report that highlight that overall inflation is trending downward. It also emphasized and included data from a Roosevelt Institute report about stabilizing energy costs by investing in clean energy sources, as fossil fuel prices like gas and oil are rising and expected to continue hurting Americans’ wallets.

  • Invest in America released its “Beyond the Beltway” newsletter, a weekly highlight roundup of public investment projects in action. This week’s newsletter highlighted projects funded by the American Rescue Plan in Arizona, Illinois, Virginia, and South Dakota, which will fund affordable housing initiatives, water infrastructure projects, educational resources, and more.


MarketWatch: ‘I think we would see an effect on exactly where women work’: How a Roe v. Wade reversal could impact housing markets where abortion is restricted

During the 1970s and 1980s, access to abortion and contraception “did have a direct impact on higher labor-force participation for women,” said Kate Bahn, the director of labor-market policy and chief economist at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a left-leaning research and grantmaking nonprofit.

But would a lack of abortion access mean fewer women in the workforce now? Bahn, who says Roe needs to stay intact, has her doubts.

“I’m not certain that we would see that labor-force participation effect, but I think we would see an effect on exactly where women work,” she said. “It may not necessarily affect the decision to work. But it remains to be seen.”

The places where women could increasingly work, however, would be lower-paying jobs with lower chances for upward mobility if they are juggling a child from an unplanned pregnancy, she said. In a 2019 article, Bahn looked into the economic side effects of recent state laws restricting abortion. The laws in more-restrictive states reduced women’s chances of moving to a higher-paying job by 7.6%, her research found.