This week, Invest in America and Invest In America Action:

  • Celebrated Congress’ passing of the American Rescue Plan and President Joe Biden’s signing of one of the most significant public investment bills in decades.

  • Released a new state-by-state report detailing the relief that the American Rescue Plan will provide to all 50 states and D.C., including the number of Americans in each state who will receive direct checks, the funding each state will receive to reopen schools, the amount of state and local aid that would help pay for vaccine distribution and to keep essential workers on the job, and the number of residents who will benefit from the legislation’s tax credits. 

  • Released a new poll with Data For Progress showing that a large bipartisan majority of voters support the American Rescue Plan, and agree that additional public investments in infrastructure, clean energy, and American manufacturing will be necessary for the country’s economic recovery.

  • Highlighted the popularity of the America Rescue Plan according to new polls from Navigator Research, Data For Progress and Invest in America, CNN, Politico and Morning Consult, and Pew Research Center.

  • Uplifted all the ways the American Rescue Plan will boost the economy and deliver direct aid to the Americans who need it the most.


Politico: Biden rides a ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ strategy to early success
From the day Joe Biden stepped into the White House, his top priority was clear: Pass Covid relief. Ignore skirmishes elsewhere. Keep the message to Congress simple. And keep the message to the public even clearer: The current health and financial crisis would not go unanswered.
“The White House said they were going to pass a $1.9 trillion package and then they did it,” said Zac Petkanas, whose outside group, Invest in America, was formed to help Biden muscle the legislation through, and then continue to sell it. “They had a disciplined message, ignored Washington naysayers in order to speak directly to the American people, didn’t buckle under pressure to cut some weak-kneed deal with Republicans and kept the Democratic caucuses united. That’s some damn fine work.”

Data For Progress: The American Rescue Plan Is Popular And Holds Bipartisan Support
Over the weekend, Senate Democrats passed President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package that funds a number of provisions essential for our pandemic recovery. In new polling by Invest in America and Data for Progress of 1,429 likely voters fielded from March 5th to March 7th, we find that Biden’s relief package is popular with likely voters. We also find likely voters support passing additional public investments beyond the American Rescue Plan.
Biden’s American Rescue Plan currently faces a final vote on Tuesday March 8th in the U.S. House of Representatives. It is crucial for members of Congress to reflect on how essential the bill is in order to support our pandemic recovery, and that voters want to see this legislation passed. If bipartisanship is the goal, the American Rescue Plan is the answer.