This week, Invest in America and Invest In America Action:

  • Held a press conference featuring Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Former Education Secretary John B. King Jr., and leading child welfare advocates to discuss how public investments in the American Rescue Plan like the Child Tax Credit expansion, $1,400 direct checks, and food assistance program funding will help cut child poverty in half and create long term economic opportunity for children across the country.
  • Released two polls with Data For Progress showing voters are supportive of the large-scale public investments in the American Rescue Plan and likely Build Back Better infrastructure package:
    • According to the first poll69% of voters, including 65% of Independents and 50% of Republicans, support a multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better plan to invest in American infrastructure.
    • According to the second polla majority of voters credit Democrats over Republicans for every major provision of the American Rescue Plan. The poll also includes responses from Republican voters who shared how the plan’s $1,400 direct checks have personally benefited them.
  • Released a roundup of economic experts who argue that investments in infrastructure pay for themselves by creating millions of good-paying jobs and boosting the GDP. Now is the time for our leaders to go big and address the nation’s $5.9 trillion infrastructure investment needs to repair roads, bridges, and schools, and protect our clean water supply.


The American Independent: GOP efforts to take credit for COVID relief are failing badly
Since the passage of President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, Republicans have attempted to take credit for the legislation — despite the fact that not a single one voted for it.

Now, a new poll shows these efforts have overwhelmingly failed.

A poll this week by Invest in America shows that voters credit Biden and Democrats for the relief provided by the American Rescue Plan by a 49-point margin, with 48% of Republicans saying the same.

The American Independent: Americans really like Biden’s infrastructure plan. Republicans are planning to stop it.

President Joe Biden is reportedly preparing a plan for somewhere between $3- and $4 trillion American infrastructure improvements. While congressional Republicans are again making noise about opposing it, a new poll finds wide support for many of its likely components.

A survey by Data for Progress and the pro-infrastructure group Invest in America, released Tuesday, found that 57% of American likely voters believe now is the time for a big investment, while just 35% believe it is not.

The American Independent: New York just got universal preschool. Biden wants the rest of the country to get it too.
New York City schools are poised to receive $4.5 billion from Democrats’ COVID relief plan, which Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning to invest in a massive expansion of universal preschool that will include 3-year-olds and up.
Meanwhile, the Post reported Monday that Biden’s upcoming “Build Back Better” $3 trillion spending package will include provisions dedicated to domestic policy issues like universal pre-K and free community college, although it’s unclear when the plan will be formally presented.

A recent Invest in America/Data for Progress poll shows that the majority of Americans support the package.

The New Mexico Political Report: State and federal child tax credits improve equity for children of color in the state
Tax credits that recently passed the New Mexico Legislature and the U.S. Congress will improve child poverty and equity issues, according to child welfare advocates.
New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich, a Democrat, spoke virtually during a press conference Thursday about the tax credits the American Rescue Plan will make available to families with children.

“Some have called this expansion the children’s version of Social Security because of what it will do to lift children out of poverty,” Heinrich said.
While the federal tax credits will help many people, Emma Mehrabi, Children’s Defense Fund Poverty policy director, said during the virtual press conference that the families of immigrant children will not be able to benefit from the federal aid.

“As we think of permanency, there are lots of kids left out, even though this is a great expansion. Immigrant kids are not included in this policy at all,” she said.

KOB News: Children poised to benefit from American Rescue Plan
Child advocates believe the American Rescue plan will help children, especially minorities, who suffered during the pandemic.

“When we invest in our kids, when we put in the time and the effort and the resources, we’re making an investment in their future but also in the future of the entire country,” said Sen. Martin Heinrich who voted for the plan.
“Expanding the Childhood Tax Credit, again outlined in the American Rescue Plan, will dramatically help reduce child poverty, boost income security, and advance racial equities for so many children and their families,” said Emma Mehrabi, director of poverty policy for the Children’s Defense Fund. 
“We know the Social Security program was extremely consequential in lifting seniors out of poverty in the very same way the kinds of programs being funded through. The American Recovery Plan can do the same thing for children and families,” said James Jimenez, executive director for NM Voices for Children.

KRQE: 16 New Mexico health centers to receive over $70M in American Rescue Plan funding
Federal officials continue to tout the benefits of the American Rescue Plan. The Health and Human Services Department announced starting next month, it will dole out $70 million to 16 community health centers in the state. The funds will help vaccinate New Mexico’s vulnerable populations.
In a news conference Thursday morning, Senator Martin Heinrich (D-New Mexico) said the plan will also help kids by expanding the child tax credit. He says that could cut the national childhood poverty rate in half. “Soon, millions of families will receive $3,600 per child under six, and $3,000 per child in the six to 17 age group, all in periodic payments. That will go a long way in helping cover the expenses of raising these children,” Sen. Heinrich said.

Los Alamos Daily Post: Heinrich, Former Education Secretary And Advocates Discuss How American Rescue Plan Delivers For Children
U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) joined former U.S. Secretary of Education John King and child welfare advocates Thursday to discuss how the American Rescue Plan will slash child poverty and create long-term economic opportunities for children across the country.

Also joining the virtual press conference hosted by Invest in America, were James Jimenez, the Executive Director of New Mexico Voices for Children, and Emma Mehrabi, the Director of Poverty Policy Children’s Defense Fund.

“There’s no greater investment that we can make than to invest in the early years of our children’s development,” Heinrich said. “We’ve learned the hard way over the years that if you don’t make these kinds of investments in people, in families, and in small businesses, that the impacts of an extreme event like COVID or a financial crisis linger in the economy. We made the right decision this time to not take an austerity mindset so that we can get the economy going the way it should be. I can’t think of anything in my career so far that will have the impact on children that the American Rescue Plan will have.”