This week Invest in America and Invest in America Action:

Launched new campaigns:

  • Invest in America launched a new campaign, “Go Big,” highlighting the need to recover and grow the American economy with historic investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy, and the care economy.
  • Invest in America Action and Tax March launched a new “Permission Slip” campaign, mobilizing voters to send literal permission slips to their members of Congress with polling numbers showing how popular public investment is and urging them to back a robust American Jobs Plan.
Released new ads:
  • Invest in America Action released an “attack ad” against Joe Biden inspired by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who bravely spoke truth to power when she called the President out for daring to invest in… elder care.
  • Invest in America launched a new digital ad, “It’s Time to Go Big,” which argues that now is the time for an historic investment in infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy, and care that will turbocharge the economy.
Released new polling with Data For Progress:
  • Invest in America released a new poll on the American Jobs Plan with Data For Progress showing that 73% of voters, including 67% of Independents and 57% of Republicans, support President Biden’s proposed infrastructure package.
  • Invest in America released a new poll on investing in care infrastructure with Data For Progress showing that 71% of voters, including 64% of Independents and 58% of Republicans, support investing in care infrastructure.
  • Published a new post on the Data For Progress blog highlighting the need for and overwhelming popularity of President Biden’s American Jobs Plan
Released a statement from 70 economists calling for major public investments like in the American Jobs Plan that include infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy, and the care economy to secure a sustainable, equitable recovery from the pandemic.

Held a press call with economic experts from the Center for Economic Policy and Research, the Economic Policy Institute, and the Center for American Progress who discussed the need for a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure investment to boost the economy and pushed back on critics who claim raising the corporate tax rate would hurt American competitiveness.

Released new research reports and fact sheets:

White House Press Briefing: Press Secretary Jen Psaki Cites Invest In America/Data For Progress
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki cited a new Invest in America/Data For Progress poll showing that 73% of voters, including 67% of Independents and 57% of Republicans, support the American Jobs Plan, a once-in-a-generation public investment in infrastructure that will create millions of jobs and turbocharge the nation’s economic recovery.

White House Press Office highlights several Invest In America products: 


The Washington Post: Our debate over ‘real’ infrastructure is dumb. Here’s how Democrats can get around it.
Two progressive organizations — Invest in America, a coalition working to build support for large public investments, and Data for Progress, a polling firm — are trying to shift the conversation in this direction. Their research has persuaded them this argument can be won — if it’s prosecuted a certain way.

Biden’s plan envisions large new federal expenditures on home and community services for the elderly and disabled. A future component of the plan is expected to include investments in child care, preschool and paid leave. These things are increasingly being referred to as “caregiving infrastructure,” an idea Republicans are ridiculing.
A new Data for Progress poll, taken for Invest in America, finds that large majorities support federal investments in health care for seniors and the disabled when the question frames them as part of “caregiving” or “care” as a component of the economy.

Business Insider: 70 economists are calling for a large-scale infrastructure investment
Seventy economists have signed on to a letter saying it’s time to go big on infrastructure. 

“A multitrillion-dollar investment in infrastructure like the one President Biden laid out last week will help pave the way for sustainable and equitable economic growth and pay for itself in the long run,” the letter, coordinated by political action group Invest in America, says.

Newsweek: Majority of Republicans Back Non-Infrastructure Portions of Biden’s American Jobs Plan
Biden unveiled the infrastructure proposal—dubbed the American Jobs Plan—last Wednesday. But Republican lawmakers quickly attacked the package, complaining that only a small portion of the funding goes toward roads, bridges and transportation. They have taken issue with billions of dollars going to other priorities, such as creating more good-paying caregiver jobs and ensuring access to paid family and medical leave.

But new survey results suggest that GOP voters largely support these proposals. Overall, the polling results from Data for Progress and Invest in America showed that 71 percent of voters strongly or somewhat support these “care infrastructure” proposals. That includes 58 percent of Republicans, 64 percent of independents and 58 percent of Democrats. Just 19 percent of GOP voters said they strongly or somewhat oppose those portions of the plan.

Yahoo News: 70 economists are calling for a large-scale infrastructure investment
Signatory Dean Baker, a senior economist and cofounder of the left-leaning think tank Center for Economic and Policy Research, told Insider that an infrastructure package isn’t needed just now; it’s been needed for awhile.

“I think it’s very well timed,” he said, adding: “Politics doesn’t mean you get to necessarily do things at the best time, but this is the time that Biden and the Democrats have to move forward.”


Voters are now sending their members of Congress literal permission slips to go big on crucial public investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy, education, and the care economy. View a sampling of the engagement from our campaign below. 

Tax March 

Former Gubernatorial Candidate and Health Care Activist, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown

Signal Boost Host Jess McIntosh

Executive Director, Guns Down America Igor Volsky

Pennsylvania State Representative Brain Simms

Former Obama Cabinet Secretary Chris Lu

Actor and Activist Eric Balfour