After the Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, Biden Releases Plan to Replace All Lead Pipes and Ensure Safe Drinking Water

The White House has released a plan to replace all lead pipes in the U.S. over the course of the next 10 years. The plan is a result of President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which was passed and signed into law in November.

The initiative will ensure safe drinking water for American communities that have been plagued by contamination in water from lead pipes. The Biden administration says it will augment the $15 billion of funding to replace lead pipes from the Infrastructure Deal with more funding from the Build Back Better Act. 


Here’s What People Are Saying About Biden’s Plan to Replace All Lead Pipes:  

The Washington Post: Biden administration details push to finally rid the nation of millions of lead pipes

The Biden administration on Thursday announced an effort to jump-start the removal of every underground lead water service line in the country, a move meant to stop once and for all the poisonous metal from flowing through the taps of millions of Americans.

NBC News: White House unveils plan to replace every lead pipe in the U.S. 

“It’s going to replace 100 percent of the nation’s lead water pipes so that every child and every American could turn on the faucet at home or at school and drink clean water,” Biden said in June.

The White House plan says the administration intends to augment the $15 billion from the infrastructure law with another $15 billion for pipes and paint in the Build Back Better Act, Biden’s domestic spending package that’s currently stalled in the Senate after passing the House in a largely party-line vote.

NPR: Lead pipes have contaminated water for decades. Biden’s new plan will replace them

On Thursday, the Biden Administration announced its plan to remove lead pipes and lead paint within the next decade.

“There is no reason in the 21st century for why people are still exposed to this substance that was poisoning people back in the 18th century. There is no good reason,” Vice President Harris said during a speech at the AFL-CIO in Washington.

Newsweek: Biden Administration Releases $2.9 Billion in Infrastructure Funds to Remove Lead Pipes

The Biden administration announced plans on Thursday to eliminate lead from the nation’s drinking water with an infrastructure bill that would dedicate $2.9 billion to the removal of lead pipes.

White House officials reported that an estimated 10 million U.S. homes receive water via lead pipes. Lead from these pipes has been known to seep into drinking water, poisoning people in places such as Flint, Michigan.

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Seeks to Replace Every Lead Water Pipe in the Country Within a Decade

White House officials said they are rolling out a new plan aimed at helping about 10 million U.S. households replace lead water pipes. Both President Biden and Democratic lawmakers in Congress have promised swift action on the issue, as lead pipes are considered a health hazard by the EPA.

The White House’s first step will be to distribute $3 billion for line replacement in 2022 from the money Congress approved in an infrastructure package this year.

CBS News: White House releases plan to replace all of the nation’s lead pipes in the next decade

The Biden administration outlined a plan on Thursday to replace all of the nation’s lead water pipes in the next decade. The multi-agency Lead Pipe and Paint Action Plan will use $15 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed last month and could require additional funding down the line.


Here’s What Americans Are Seeing in Their Local News:  

Des Moines Register: Iowa gets millions from infrastructure bill to upgrade water plants, limit lead and ‘forever chemicals’

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says Iowa will receive more than $110 million from the new federal infrastructure bill to upgrade aging water infrastructure and tackle toxic “forever chemicals.”

The funding, announced Thursday, will help Iowa communities replace aging water and wastewater treatment plants and help remove lead from drinking water.

Wisconsin Public Radio: Wisconsin communities receive funding from Biden administration’s new focus on lead drinking water systems

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack visited Wisconsin Thursday to tout new federal investments to help communities replace lead pipes in drinking water systems.

Vilsack visited a water treatment plant in the City of Bloomer, which will receive $27.6 million in loans and grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Department of Rural Development.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin will soon receive nearly $143 million for water infrastructure to address lead, ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

Wisconsin is set to receive nearly $143 million to rebuild the state’s water infrastructure and address harmful lead and “forever chemical” contaminations across the state — a first installment from the newly passed federal infrastructure bill that includes hundreds of millions more in the coming years.

The Denver Channel: Infrastructure bill to replace billion dollars of lead pipes

The $1 trillion infrastructure bill includes $15 billion to replace lead pipe water services across the country.

More than seven years later after the Flint Water crisis began, the community could finally be free of lead pipes.

WTTW: Biden Calls for Chicago’s Lead Pipes to be Removed Within 10 Years, As Slow Roll Out Continues in Chicago

The Biden administration unveiled a plan Thursday that calls for the approximately 400,000 lead service lines responsible for contaminating Chicagoans’ tap water to be removed within a decade.

The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill includes $15 billion to fund lead service replacement efforts, and $3 billion will flow to states and cities in 2022, officials announced.

Chicago Sun-Times: Hundreds of millions to remove lead pipes flowing into Illinois as city replaced just a fraction of total this year 

Illinois is expected to get $288 million for lead-pipe replacements and other water-related programs in the coming weeks under the recently passed federal infrastructure law, money that advocates hope will force Chicago and other cities to act on promises to address a major health threat.

Syracuse: Syracuse expects ‘game-changing’ boost from infrastructure bill to protect kids from lead

Syracuse is poised to receive the biggest infusion of financial aid in its history to remove lead drinking water pipes, a hazard the city has been warned about by government regulators for almost 30 years.

The sweeping federal infrastructure bill signed into law last week by President Joe Biden includes $15 billion to replace lead pipes that deliver water to older homes across the Northeast and Rust Belt.