March 17, 2021

Maddy McDaniel, Communications Director

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The American Rescue Plan Delivers Federal Funding for Direct Checks for Struggling Americans, Reopening Schools, and State And Local Aid to Distribute Vaccines and Keep Essential Workers On The Job

Majority of Voters — Including Republicans — Supported Aid For State And Local Governments As Part of Covid Relief Package By a +43 Point Margin

State and Local Officials Across the Political Spectrum Applaud State and Local Investment In The American Rescue Plan

WASHINGTON, DC — The American Rescue Plan’s robust public investment “transforms options” for state and local governments and ensures they will be able to effectively ramp up vaccine distribution, keep essential workers on the job, reopen schools quickly and safely, and continue to provide public services for their communities.

View the interactive map and read more about how the American Rescue Plan benefits every state here

“Thanks to the American Rescue Plan’s public investments, state and local governments now have the tools they need to begin recovering from the pandemic and come back even stronger,” said Maddy McDaniel, communications director for Invest in America. “This bill has already begun to deliver for American workers and families, and as state and local governments begin to regain their footing, our communities will see and feel even more benefits of public investment in the months to come.”

State and local officials across the political spectrum are crediting the American Rescue Plan for keeping essential workers on the job and helping state and local governments get back on their feet.

CBS News: At odds with national Republicans, GOP mayors welcome long-awaited COVID relief

  • “‘You’d think people in a crisis, particularly a health crisis, would rise above partisanship and rise to the occasion of dealing with emergencies and agree to have partisan fights later after the crisis is over,’ John Giles, the Republican mayor of Mesa, Arizona, told CBS News. ‘But that just isn’t what we’ve seen.’
    “‘This is not about passing out every dollar in an Oprah Winfrey sort of way — ‘You get money, you get money, you get money,’’ said Bryan Barnett, the Republican mayor of Rochester Hills, Michigan. ‘We want to make sure we’re planning to stand on our own two feet in the foreseeable future.’
    “‘This is not a bailout,’ said Jeff Williams, GOP mayor of Arlington, Texas, who was one of five mayors to meet with Mr. Biden at the White House last month to discuss COVID relief. ‘This is needed funds after a natural disaster, which is still going on.’”

The New York Times: Stimulus Bill Transforms Options For State and Local Governments

  • “The biggest infusion of funds in decades will soon start, putting state, local and tribal governments in a situation they have not experienced in years: Items that had long seemed totally unaffordable are now well within reach.
    “Mr. Dyer said his city had been weighing potential layoffs of more than 200 city employees, including police officers and firefighters, as it faced a $25 million budget deficit. But the bill put an end to any layoff discussions. Fresno, a city of 531,000, was poised to receive $177 million
    “’I think my residents know I don’t give a hoot about party — all I care about is making sure the street sweeper runs, the police show up and the water doesn’t stop,’ said Acquanetta Warren, a Republican who is the mayor of Fontana, a working-class suburb east of Los Angeles set to receive $52 million.”

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