Letters Of Support Include 120+ Economists, 17 State Treasurers, 200 Former Obama Officials, 330+ Small Business Leaders, 150 Senior Business Executives, 400+ Mayors, 19 Major Education Groups, Leading Think Tanks

Support for the American Rescue Plan is widespread and overwhelming. In addition to the majority of voters who support every part of the Covid relief package, hundreds of business leaders, economists, former presidential advisors, state and local officials, educators, and policy experts across the political spectrum have called on Congress to act immediately to pass robust, far-reaching Covid relief that will boost economic recovery, keep essential workers on the job, safely reopen schools, and throw Main Street a desperately needed lifeline.

  • More than 120 economists signed a letter organized by Invest in America Action in support of the American Rescue Plan, including former Director of the National Economic Council Gene Sperling, Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, and former Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Alan Blinder. Read the press release here.

  • 17 state treasurers signed a letter organized by Invest in America Action calling for the passage of the American Rescue Plan, which would deliver $350 billion to state and local governments. Officials across the political spectrum and at every level of government are in support of robust public investment, and consensus only continues to grow. Read the press release here.

  • More than 200 former members of the Obama administration, including former Cabinet secretaries Tom Perez, Julián Castro, and Kathleen Sebelius, signed onto a letter organized by Invest In America Action strongly urging Congress to go big and deliver a robust economic stimulus package for the American people. Read the press release here.

  • Nearly 330 small business owners and leaders, including representatives from nearly 30 Chambers of Commerce, signed a letter organized by Invest in America and Small Business for America’s Future supporting President Biden’s American Rescue Plan and calling for robust economic relief and public investment that will help small businesses keep their doors open and their employees on the job. Read the press release here.

  • More than 150 senior executives from banks, firms, and companies including Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, Google, Lyft, Comcast, and AT&T, signed a letter in support of more Covid stimulus relief through President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

  • Over 400 bipartisan mayors across the country signed a letter urging Congress to pass fiscal relief to support local governments to keep essential workers on the job, end service reductions, and drive economic recovery.

  • 19 national education groups signed a letter to Congress in support of the American Rescue Plan, which allocates $128 billion towards safe and effective school reopenings.

  • Leading policy think tank leaders signed a letter to Congressional leadership calling for swift action to pass the American Rescue Plan, stressing that the biggest risk our nation faces is doing too little, not too much.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“The coronavirus has had a catastrophic impact on America’s economy, families and businesses. Since the crisis began, tens of millions have been forced to file for unemployment insurance, nearly 8 million have fallen into poverty, hundreds of thousands of businesses have shuttered, our nation’s industrial production has been severely damaged, and the inability of millions to make their rent and mortgage payments is threatening to plunge this nation into a housing emergency.”

“That’s why it’s critical for Congress to immediately pass a new coronavirus relief package that will provide additional assistance to families and businesses struggling through a hard winter, and to provide the economic boost required to promote growth and prosperity. This includes substantial unemployment benefits and stimulus checks, help for struggling renters and homeowners, and significant state and local aid that will pay for essential workers, as laid out by the Biden administration’s robust rescue package.”

State Treasurers To Congress: Approve The American Rescue Plan With Full Funding For State And Local Aid

“As State Treasurers and the guardians of our states’ fiscal health, we urge our Congressional delegations to support the American Rescue Plan with full funding for state and local aid.”

“Congress has the power — and the responsibility — to step in and fill the gap during this emergency. It’s the only way that states can avoid more cuts to services needed by small and large businesses, hospitals, schools, health care facilities, and vaccination efforts. And it’s the only way that Washington can live up to its commitment to the essential workers who have been putting their lives on the line fighting this pandemic since day one, including our heroic health care providers, firefighters, teachers, and law enforcement personnel.”

Former Obama Officials To Congress: “We Can’t Afford To Nickel And Dime The Covid Recovery”

“The challenges our country faced when President Barack Obama first took office more than a decade ago were staggering. We faced an economic crisis the size of which hadn’t been seen since the dark days of the Great Depression.” 

“The only thing we can’t afford is to underfund America’s recovery.”

“Every dollar we spend to strengthen our nation during this time of crisis is a downpayment that will pay for itself and help our country thrive in the future. We must learn the lessons from the last economic crisis and pass a large stimulus package to get us back on track.”

Small Business Leaders: The American Rescue Plan Is The Big, Bold Relief We Need To Save Main Street

“Small businesses are the backbone of the nation’s economy, and an integral part of America’s communities. We account for almost half of the country’s economic activity, two-thirds of new jobs, and employ more than half of all Americans.” 

“That’s why we need President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. The legislation provides $15 billion in grants to more than 1 million of the hardest-hit small businesses to get them back on their feet. It also leverages $35 billion for small businesses financing programs, which can generate as much as $175 billion in venture capital and low-interest loans to provide critical access to capital for businesses and entrepreneurs in need.”

“Main Streets across the country need this lifeline — and they need it now. It’s the only way to prevent more businesses from closing and to keep millions of Americans on the job.”

First on CNN: Biden’s Covid plan gets backing from more than 150 top business leaders

“‘Previous federal relief measures have been essential, but more must be done to put the country on a trajectory for a strong, durable recovery,’ the executives wrote in the letter addressed to bipartisan congressional leaders that will be sent Wednesday. ‘Congress should act swiftly and on a bipartisan basis to authorize a stimulus and relief package along the lines of the Biden-Harris administration’s proposed American Rescue Plan.’”

“’Strengthening the public health response to coronavirus is the first step toward economic restoration,’ the executives wrote. ‘The American Rescue Plan mobilizes a national vaccination program, delivers economic relief to struggling families, and supports communities that were most damaged by the pandemic.’”

The United States Conference Of Mayors: Urgent Action Needed on President Biden’s American Rescue Plan

“As the economic engines of our country, local governments will be relied upon to lead the longterm economic recovery our nation so desperately needs, even as, with few exceptions, cities have been largely left without direct federal assistance. The lack of adequate support has resulted in budget cuts, service reductions, and job losses. Sadly, nearly one million local government jobs have already been lost during the pandemic. Our essential workers deserve federal relief like any other sector.” 

“The $350 billion in direct relief to state and local governments included in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan would allow cities to preserve critical public sector jobs and help drive our economic recovery. Providing direct, flexible aid to cities is the most efficient and immediate way to help families and their communities who have been suffering for far too long.” 

National Education Groups to Congress: Pass the American Rescue Plan

“We strongly support the $128 billion in funding included in the American Rescue Plan to address—among other needs—supporting remote learning, hiring more nurses, rethinking school calendars, improving ventilation in buildings and more. We applaud the emphasis on learning recovery and flexibility in how school districts determine what constitutes costs for learning recovery.  We are also very pleased to see $7 billion dedicated to emergency funding for expenses associated with remote learning through the E‐Rate program to help address the Homework Gap. We are eagerly awaiting passage of this bill in the House of Representatives.”  

Letter from think tank leaders to Congress supporting President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan

“With sufficient federal spending to sustain demand in the economy and address the public health crisis, the economy could mount a robust recovery in 2021 once the virus is under control. But if the federal government withdraws support too soon, we could face years of weak growth and high unemployment, as borne out in the Great Recession and its aftermath. Avoiding that outcome should be our top economic priority.”

“The risk from providing too little in relief and economic recovery far outweighs the risk of providing too much. We urge you to act quickly to pass a robust pandemic relief package to control the virus, address hardship, and boost the economy.”