The robust public investments in President Biden’s 2022 budget proposal will help build back a more equitable, productive, and sustainable America by going big on investments in the nation’s middle class and communities of color.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Politico: Biden’s budget goes big on spending in bid to lift middle class
President Joe Biden has released a $6 trillion budget request that stitches his most ambitious spending plans into one massive proposal, pitching historic investments in highways, child care and climate change.
“Put together, this budget is an agenda for robust, durable economic growth and broadly shared prosperity,” said Shalanda Young, Biden’s acting White House budget director. “It will deliver a strong economy now and for decades into the future.”

Vox: Biden’s $6 trillion budget proposal would rebuild America’s social safety net
President Joe Biden’s fiscal year 2022 budget, released on Friday, lays out an ambitious plan for the country. It calls for just over $6 trillion in total spending in the coming fiscal year and reimagines how — and for whom — the American economy works.
As a whole, the budget calls for a sweeping rejuvenation of the social safety net and for expanded investment in programs like universal pre-K, affordable child care, and paid leave. It also puts the climate crisis front and center, with proposals dedicated to reducing US emissions, creating jobs in the clean energy sector, and funding climate research.

And it reinvests in aspects of daily life, from public transit to the arts, that were slashed under the Trump administration. The idea, as Biden outlined it in his budget message Friday, is “not simply to emerge from the immediate crises we inherited, but to build back better.”

Bloomberg: Biden Targets Racial, Social Inequities With Vast Spending Push
President Joe Biden’s $6 trillion budget request proposes record spending to reduce historical disparities in underserved communities, following his campaign pledge to promote racial equity as an inseparable part of rebuilding the economy.
Biden’s emphasis was evident in nearly every line item of the infrastructure portions of the budget as well as others. Highway construction programs would recognize — and attempt to repair — the way previous projects often divided minority communities. Clean-water infrastructure would replace the lead pipes that poison older neighborhoods. Research and development grants would have a set-aside for historically Black colleges and universities.

The Washington Post: Ahead of Tulsa trip, Biden to unveil plans to reduce Black-White wealth gap
The president will offer a raft of policies intended to bolster homeownership and help minority small businesses and entrepreneurs, an administration official said.

They include using federal purchasing power to pump more money into minority-owned businesses and setting aside $10 billion in infrastructure funds to rebuild disadvantaged neighborhoods across the country. He also plans to shore up the Fair Housing Act in ways that will allow the agency to “more vigorously enforce” the law, a senior administration official said, with the goal of increasing Black homeownership.

CNBC: Biden’s budget proposal calls for more than $36 billion to fight climate change
President Joe Biden’s 2022 budget proposal calls for more than $36 billion to fight global climate change, an increase of more than $14 billion compared with 2021, with major new investments focused on clean energy, climate and sustainability research and improved water infrastructure.
Climate change is “an opportunity to create new industries and good-paying jobs with a free and fair choice to join a union, revitalize America’s energy communities and the economy, and position America as the world’s clean energy superpower,” the White House proposal released on Friday said.