Consensus is growing as lawmakers across the country say it’s time to “go big” on covid relief. This week, lawmakers and influencers from the White House to Capitol Hill to Statehouses across the country have stressed the need for big, bold action to address the economic crisis. Here’s what they’re saying:

Washington Post: Biden urges Senate Democrats to go big on his relief package, warns against smaller plan

  • “President Biden urged Senate Democrats on Tuesday to go big on coronavirus relief, making an aggressive case in favor of his $1.9 trillion rescue package as Democrats took the first steps to advance the legislation.”

Charleston Gazette-Mail: Bucking party politics, Justice endorses Biden’s $1.9 trillion pandemic stimulus plan

  • Republican West Virginia Governor Jim Justice threw his support behind President Biden’s plan, saying, “I think, today, America’s got to go to the higher number…our nation needs to step up in a bigger way, and move forward, and that’s all there is to it.”

Politico: State officials urge lawmakers to go big on Covid aid

  • “…the state officials expressed strong support for the type of robust aid package President Joe Biden is supporting, which includes hundreds of billions allocated to state and local governments.”

Philadelphia Inquirer: Bob Casey wants Biden and Democrats to swing for the fences: ‘Go big or go home’

  • “Sen. Bob Casey wants home runs. Casey says he’s open to killing the filibuster and advancing Biden’s agenda without GOP support.

    “I’m in the camp of go big or go home,” the Pennsylvania Democrat said in an interview last week….Casey, once positioned as a deliberate moderate, wants Democrats to push hard in the early days of President Joe Biden’s administration, arguing that GOP support is unlikely and the needs of the moment are dire.

Politico: ‘We can’t wait’: Democrats brace for relief bill battle

  • “‘We can’t wait. We have to go big,’ Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) said in an interview. “I hope we can do this in a bipartisan way, but we cannot let down the American people and say, ‘Well we couldn’t get the Republicans to vote for what you need to save your life.’”

Crooked: Going Big on COVID Relief IS Bipartisan | Opinion

  • This week, Invest in America, along with the progressive think tank Data for Progress, released polling data that assesses the public’s opinion of critical parts of Biden’s American Rescue Plan, like funding for vaccine and testing distribution, support for small businesses, and extended moratoriums on utilities or evictions. It turns out that even in a nation as divided as ours, voters overwhelmingly agree: it’s time to go big and invest in America.

A majority of voters say they support Congress passing a larger coronavirus stimulus bill as soon as possible — even if it doesn’t garner support from Republicans, according to a new poll released today by Invest in America and Data for Progress.